The UTSA College of Business is pleased to salute the alumni, corporations and friends who have made gifts to the college this past fiscal year. Their support aids student and faculty development, strengthens programs and enables the recruitment of high-caliber educators and students.


$1,000,000 and Above

  • ARGUS Software
  • Walter M. Embrey Jr.

$200,000 and Above

  • Barbara M. and Alan W. Dreeben
  • Arthur D. Mangelsdorff

$100,000 and Above

  • Chevron
  • Jean and Steven Q. Lee

$50,000 and Above

  • Patricia H. and Tom C. Frost Jr.
  • Nancy, MBA ’87 and Frank M. Kudla, BBA ’85

$25,000 and Above

  • Boeing Aerospace
  • Citi
  • Frost Bank Charitable Foundation
  • Institute on Asian Consumer Insight
  • Megan and Michael D. Perkins
  • Sigma Solutions
  • Kimberly C., BS ’95 and Lanyon Stanley, BBA ’99
  • The Benevity Community
  • Impact Fund
  • The Estate of Leonard E. and Shirley Sterling

  • The Real Estate Council of San Antonio
  • The USAA Foundation
  • Valero Energy Foundation

$10,000 and Above

  • BBVA Compass Foundation
  • Alan S. Clark
  • Deacon Recruiting, Inc.
  • Dorothy S. and Thomas P. Duncan
  • EY Foundation
  • Frost
  • H-E-B
  • International Bank of Commerce
  • Joyce Lee
  • Calvin Newkirk
  • PwC
  • Security Service Federal
  • Credit Union
  • Texas Research & Technology Foundation
  • The Governors Club
  • Union Pacific Railroad, San Antonio
  • Wells Fargo

5,000 & Above

Deborah S. and Carroll E.
Barron III, BBA ’79
Broadway Bank
Emre Camlibel
C. H. Guenther & Son, Inc.
CREW-San Antonio
Stephanie A. Davis, BBA ’94, MT ’98
Sally C. and Arthur R. Dooley Jr.
ExxonMobil Foundation
Farm Credit Bank of Texas
Kathy C. and Ronald W. Fielding
Franklin Companies
Galaxy Builders, Ltd.
Gustavus, Inc.
Hixon Properties Incorporated
Realty Partners
Tracy D., BBA ’93, EMBA ’12
and Sean R. Jackson
Catherine M. and Clayton E. Killinger, BBA ’83
Masel S. Quinn Foundation
Lindsay and Philip McKnight
Cara J., BBA ’92 and Adam
O. Mika, BBA ’92
Rajeev Puri
Laura T. and Michael W.
Ramirez, BBA ’79
S. Barshop Investments, LTD
Southwest Business Corporation
Tenley K., BBA ’91 and
Brian D. Stevens
Texas Apartment Association
Education Foundation
Texas Capital Bank
The Bank of San Antonio
The Mays Family Foundation
Vulcan Materials Company
Wells Fargo Foundation

2,500 and Above

2-K Joint Venture Ltd.
AHMSA International
Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C.
Anne Marie and Jeffrey
C. Bailey, BBA ’86
William D. Balthrope
J. Cary Barton
Denise E., BBA ’87 and
Patrick Bendele
Briggs & Veselka Co. PC
Bury + Partners, Inc.
Jyl G. and T. Randall Cain
Chicago Title of Texas LLC
Davis Equity Realty
Sara E. Dysart PC, MA ’77
Joann W. and Warner F. Fassnidge
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
First American Commercial
Property Group
Lisa A. Friel
Silvia Gangel, SiGa International
Commercial Real Estate
Annette M., BBA ’88 and Stewart
G. Goodson, BBA ’84
Jill A. and Andrew Grimes
Insurance Council of Texas
Education Foundation
George E. Karutz
Mary A. and Jerome P. Keating
Leo Perron Family
Lewis Resource Management
Mary Bowman Grantor
Charitable Lead Trust
Metropolitan Contracting
Company, LLC
Padgett, Stratemann & Company
REATA Real Estate Services
R.L. Worth & Associates
Megan and E. Rene Salas, BBA ’86
San Antonio CPA Continuing
Education Foundation
Society of Industrial & Office
Realtors San Antonio/South TX
Southwest Research Institute
Tesoro Corporation
USAA Real Estate Company
Sandra R. and Jordan M.
Walder, BBA ’84
Weaver and Tidwell, LLP

1,500 and Above

Alamo Asian American
Chamber of Commerce
Martha C. and Dewey W.
Chambers CPA, BBA ’83
DOCUmation, LLC
Don E. and Lorraine Beere
Charitable Gift Fund
Energy Transfer Partners
Jean D. and William M.
Fisher, BBA ’79
Heather and Daniel Karam,
BBA ’97, MS ’01
KPMG Foundation
Laborde & Associates, PC
T. Nina Oviedo, BBA ’79
Paesano’s di San Antonio, Ltd.
Katherine C. and Joseph
P. Perez, BBA ’87
Lucinda and Carl A.
Rabenaldt, BBA ’97
San Antonio Area Foundation
San Antonio Chapter Institute
of Internal Auditors
Laura T. MBA ’75 and David
D. Starks, MBA ’76
Stay Ready Professional
Tax Executives Institute,
Austin Chapter
Tiffany L. and Lane C.
Traylor, BS ’97, MS ’13
Carol and J. Randolph
Vogel, BBA ’79
Williams, Crow, Mask

$1,000 and Above

Suman Basuroy
Nicole L. Beebe, Ph.D. ’07
Jenelle, BBA ’14 and Devon
E. Bond, BA ’11
Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, White,
Williams & Aughtry
Cram Roofing Co., Inc.
Janet L. and David F. Davis
Danielle R. DiMartino, BBA
’92 and John A. Booth
Julie A. and Oscar L. Garza, BBA ’82
Guerrero CPA
Barbara J. Henderson, BBA ’78
Rosy and Michael L.
Johnston, MS ’99
Glenda and J. G. Kent, MBA ’74
Myung and Daijin Ko
Rhonda and Chris K. Kunz
Linda Litzinger and William
T. Kittleman
Millette and John W. Litzinger
Fred W. Middleton
Judith A. and Charles L. Paulette,
BBA ’92, EMBA ’01
Pioneer Energy Services Corp.
Deborah M. Prost, MBA ’79
Lorina I. and Jeff Rummel
Ryan, LLC
Schriver, Carmona & Carrera, PLLC
Serrano State Tax Consulting, LLC
Sergio E. Silva, BBA ’09
Southwest Actuarial Forum
Danielle and Steven M.
Stellato, BS ’96
The San Antonio Chamber
of Commerce
Susan K. Thibodeaux, BBA ’85
Tsakopulos Brown
Schott & Anchors
Turner+Cleveland PC
Marilyn S. and Stephen E. Werling
Sunita M. White